Big Game Shoulder Mounts
   Whitetail or Mule deer         $  495
   Antelope                                      495
   Bear, Black (closed mouth)​     450
   Bear, Grizzly (closed mouth)   575
   Buffalo (Bison)                          1350
   Caribou                                         750
   Elk                                                  800
   Moose                                          1000
 Sheep, Bighorn, Stone, Desert   500
  (Wood panels additional charge $30 and up)
  (Open Mouth additional charge $125)

    Squirrel                                   $250
    Mink                                          300
    Raccoon, Fox                           525
    Beaver, Badger                        525
    Coyote, Bobcat​                        525
    Otter                                          425
 (Basic foam/dirt base for small mammal + $40)
     (Open Mouth additional charge $75)

2017-2018 Price List
Antlers/Horns on Panel
    Antelope, Deer                  $125
    Caribou, Elk                         200
    Moose                                   250
   *(European Mounts no longer available)*

    Ducks​                                    $275
    Canada Geese                       375
    Speckled Belly/Snow         350
    Ross/Hutchie                        325
    Quail                                        165
    Partridge                                200
    Pheasant/Grouse                 250

    Skin Mounts           $14 per inch
    360 Mounts               16 per inch
    Replicas                     16 per inch

    Fan and Beard Mount            $85 
     (extra costs for additional options)
Any work not listed above, please call or email for a price quote.  Prices listed are base prices and subject to additional fees for some customizations, habitats, and pedestals.  50% deposit due on all work. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged $25 in addition to balance due.  All animals are taken in "as is" condition.  The care before and after you get the animal from the wild will determine the mount that is created and additional costs that may be required.  All tanning is accepted at owner's risk.  Many factors have a definite effect on the final results of tanning.  Occasionally a skin will not tan, or may go to pieces in the tannin due to improper handling before shipment to us or to some defect in the skin for which we cannot be responsible.  For these reasons, we cannot assume any responsibility or offer any guarantee of the tanning of any skin.